Welcome to our Online Emotions Anonymous Meetings
Current Daily Pacific Standard Time Meetings:
Mon through Thurs. at 6 PM, Fri. 5 PM, Sat. 5 & 7 PM, Sun. 4 & 6 PM

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Welcome Newcomers

Our EA Chat Meetings are warm and friendly and we each take turns sharing. All that is required here for each person is to have a desire to be well emotionally and you are much welcome at our meetings. We use the Twelve Steps and the TwelveTraditions as guides for our EA meetings and for living one day at a time. There are many members of EA at our meetings who also attend face to face meetings. You are encouraged to attend EA face to face meetings in your town as well. If you do not have any EA meetings in your town, you are welcome to start one in your town. You can order new meeting starter packets at emotionsanonymous.org and you can donate to EA at that website, too.

We welcome all newcomers with open arms and glad you are here with us. We hope you will keep coming back.

Other EA related resources:

Main Emotions Anonymous website: emotionsanonymous.org

Another helpful EA website with lots of good information: http://www.earegion5.com/