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"No Crosstalk" Explained


In the chat room, we have to keep things "safe". In that I mean we do not comment on other peoples sharing's. We just say "hello" or "thank you for sharing". This keeps the room safe. You see the thing about commenting on someone’s share or even offering a hug is this: Some others in the room could perhaps think, "Well, no one comments on my share," or "Well, no one gives me a hug," and then "What is so wrong with me that they can comment on that person, but nothing for me?" And so just having it as part of our group "No crosstalk" keeps things safe and equal.

If others are commenting on people’s sharing’s, sometimes people will not feel safe in sharing as they know that they are going to get all these comments. That is why we just have the "no crosstalk" rule – no comments on peoples shares, no adding smile faces and no hugs.

Now as far as sharing with another or offering support to one another, of course we can do that "before" or "after" the one hour meeting. We just would ask the person "Permission" if they would like to talk about what they shared. This gives them the "option" of whether or not they want to discuss anything.