Welcome to our Online Emotions Anonymous Meetings
Current Daily Pacific Standard Time Meetings:
Mon through Thurs. at 6 PM, Fri. 5 PM, Sat. 5 & 7 PM, Sun. 4 & 6 PM

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Welcome to our meeting. Anyone with a desire to be well emotionally is welcome at our meetings. Glad you are here with us. If a meeting happens to not have a leader, anyone at the meeting that day can lead. Just follow the "Want To Lead Meeting" tab. (Copy it into a word document and you can cut and paste into the chat.) Please change your silly name assigned to your first name, as a rule of our chat or you can be kicked out. Leaders please give person time to change their name. Thanks. 

To Join the EA Email Loop, go to emotionsanonymous.org Our 7th Tradition states: Every EA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. Our website here is free, but if you would like to make a 7th tradition donation, you can donate to emotionsanonymous.org